Moscow dev finds love with AI after dating 5,239 women.

January 31, 2024


  • A developer from Moscow, Alexander Zhadan, used AI tools to date over 5,000 women on Tinder.
  • Through the use of ChatGPT, Zhadan filtered out potential matches based on red flags and had AI make small talk and book dates for him.
  • He is now engaged to his AI-endorsed soulmate, Karina Imranovna, and they are set to get married in August 2024.

A developer from Moscow, Alexander Zhadan, has found love using AI tools to improve his dating life. After a year-long experiment utilizing ChatGPT and other AI tools, Zhadan is getting married to his AI-endorsed soulmate, Karina Imranovna. Zhadan used an AI system he developed to filter out potential matches on Tinder according to his red flags, engage in small talk on his behalf, book dates, and even help him propose to Imranovna. The experiment began after Zhadan’s previous relationships “went to a dead end” and he decided to simplify communication with women using AI.

Zhadan gained access to the GPT-3 API and developed a simple script that would swipe right to women with more than two photos on their profile. After the release of ChatGPT, his system was upgraded to “V2,” which incorporated photo recognition software and allowed the AI bot to sound more like him during conversations. The bot swiped right to 353 profiles, continued dialogue with 160, and Zhadan ended up meeting with 12 women. Despite some issues with the system occasionally promising dates on his behalf without his knowledge, Zhadan improved the integration with Google Calendar to avoid double-booking and developed a feature that sought his input on difficult conversation topics.

Zhadan eventually limited his interactions to just four women at a time and formed a serious relationship with Imranovna. He then built “V3,” an AI system specifically designed for interacting with her. The system recommended Zhadan marry Imranovna based on a conversation with her and even helped him plan a proposal during a trip to Macau and Hong Kong. They are now set to get married in August 2024.

Zhadan, who previously made headlines for using ChatGPT to write his university thesis, expressed his gratitude to the AI tool for saving him time and money. He estimates that without AI, it would have taken over 5 years and cost over 13 million rubles to achieve the same result.