Tech lacks vital insights for optimal supply chain management.

March 18, 2024


  • Over three-fourths of supply chain executives are not prepared to observe and predict changes that may disrupt the flow of their business.
  • Many companies are rushing into technology and automation without considering where the value can and should be delivered.

More than 75% of supply chain executives are not equipped to anticipate disruptions in their business flow, spending significant time manually tracking data. While most executives plan to invest in proactive supply chain management, the lack of predictive views and automation creates challenges in interpreting and reacting to signals in the supply chain. Data shows that real-time data and actionable insights are essential for better decision-making, with technologies like digital twin, AI, and advanced automation playing a crucial role in enhancing supply chain intelligence. However, barriers such as lack of skills, outdated tech stacks, and high implementation costs continue to hinder progress in achieving real-time visibility and predictive capabilities.