Catcher Technology (TWSE:2474) – concerning returns on capital explained

March 16, 2024


  • Catcher Technology’s Returns On Capital have been declining, indicating potential trouble.
  • The company’s ROCE is at 1.0%, underperforming the industry average of 11%.

When looking at Catcher Technology’s (TWSE:2474) Returns On Capital (ROCE), there are concerning signs indicating potential decline in the business. ROCE is a metric used to evaluate how much pre-tax income a company earns on the capital invested in its business. Catcher Technology’s ROCE is currently at 1.0%, significantly lower than the industry average of 11%. The trend of returns on capital at Catcher Technology has been declining over the past five years, while the amount of capital employed has remained relatively flat. This suggests a lack of growth and potential challenges for the company in the future.

The company’s stock has risen 27% in the last five years, but the declining returns and stagnant capital employed raise concerns about its long-term prospects. Analysts forecasts and warning signs in the company’s financial analysis also indicate potential risks. Investors may want to consider exploring other investment options with better growth potential.