Converge Tech (TSE:CTS) struggles with limited growth despite 28% increase

March 16, 2024


  • Converge Technology Solutions Corp. (TSE:CTS) shares have climbed 28% in the last month.
  • Despite the increase, the company’s Price to Sales (P/S) ratio is low at 0.4x, indicating potential for growth.

Converge Technology Solutions Corp. has shown positive momentum with a 28% increase in share price over the last month and a 41% increase over the last year. However, the company’s low Price to Sales ratio may suggest a potential for further growth. Investors should consider the company’s revenue forecasts, which indicate strong recent growth but a weaker outlook compared to industry peers. Analyst estimates project a 4.0% annual revenue growth over the next three years, lower than the industry average of 11%. This subdued revenue outlook may be contributing to the company’s low P/S ratio. Shareholders’ concerns about future revenue prospects could be impacting the share price. It’s essential to assess the company’s balance sheet and overall business fundamentals to determine the investment potential of Converge Technology Solutions Corp.