EASYMFG Chairman reveals game-changing Metal Binder Jetting Technology and 2024 Strategy

February 12, 2024

Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ) technology is revolutionizing the realm of 3D printing by enabling the creation of complex metal objects. In an interview, Cai DaoSheng, the Chairman of EASYMFG, shared insights into the key aspects of MBJ, as well as the company’s 2024 strategic initiatives. DaoSheng explained that the choice of powder material is crucial for determining the success of the MBJ printing process. EASYMFG plans to collaborate with powder suppliers to launch specialized MBJ powders in 2024, which will offer better flowability and higher tap density. DaoSheng also emphasized the importance of binders in MBJ technology, pointing out that EASYMFG is developing a novel binder set that promises enhanced efficiency and cost reduction. In terms of technological upgrades, EASYMFG is focusing on optimizing powder spreading to improve compatibility and reduce dust. DaoSheng acknowledged the challenges faced by MBJ technology in terms of global market acceptance and emphasized the need for collaboration among leading MBJ pioneers. EASYMFG has plans to go global in 2024 and expand its presence in various regions, including Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. The company aims to launch cost-controlled titanium alloy products and achieve rapid batch production expansion across multiple industries.