Textkernel and Mercury Unite, Transforming Recruitment Tech with Strategic Collaboration

February 12, 2024


  • Textkernel and Mercury have announced a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing recruitment technology.
  • The partnership will combine Textkernel’s AI-powered solutions with Mercury’s CRM system to enhance recruitment efficiency and innovation.

Textkernel, a leader in AI-powered solutions for staffing, recruitment, and HR technology, has entered into a significant partnership with Mercury, a premier recruitment and staffing agency CRM powered by the Microsoft Power Platform. The partnership aims to set a new benchmark in recruitment efficiency and innovation, with a focus on the European and US markets.

The partnership will bring together Textkernel’s renowned AI-powered solutions with Mercury’s dynamic CRM system, providing a seamless blend of sourcing, analytics, and automation on one platform. This integration will offer a state-of-the-art experience to recruitment and staffing businesses, empowering them with data for strategic growth and operational efficiency.

Key features and benefits of the partnership include enhanced data parsing, comprehensive labor market insights, and advanced skills intelligence. The collaboration will provide superior data extraction, classification, and enrichment from resumes and job postings, access to real-time and historical data for critical markets, and the use of powerful taxonomies for effective data standardization and automation.

The partnership between Textkernel and Mercury aims to advance staffing and recruitment processes by offering smarter, data-driven solutions that effectively serve recruiters and candidates worldwide. This strategic partnership will not only amplify clients’ success but also enhance the competitive edge in crucial markets.

For more information on how the integrated solutions offered by Textkernel and Mercury can elevate the recruitment process, interested parties are encouraged to contact the companies directly. Together, they are working towards building the future of staffing and recruitment.