Red Sea Global: Luxury Ecotourism Redefined with Smart Connectivity.

February 18, 2024


  • Red Sea Global is redefining luxury ecotourism with connectivity and smart technologies in Saudi Arabia.
  • They have opened two resorts and plan to open 21 more across The Red Sea and AMAALA destinations

Ookla Researchâ„¢ has highlighted how Red Sea Global (RSG) is reshaping luxury tourism by combining connected technology with sustainability and conservation efforts in Saudi Arabia. RSG, owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, has opened two resorts so far and plans to open 21 more across different destinations. The resorts aim to provide a seamless guest experience through high-performing networks and smart technologies while meeting rigorous sustainability standards.

The article explains how RSG integrated robust 5G infrastructure to ensure comprehensive coverage and fast speeds across diverse terrains like beaches, dormant volcanoes, mountains, and deserts. The company aims to provide luxury amenities by leveraging smart technologies and Internet of Things capabilities, all while remaining carbon-neutral and using 100% renewable energy by 2040.

This case study showcases how RSG is leveraging connectivity and smart technologies to redefine luxury ecotourism in the region while focusing on sustainability and conservation efforts.