MHT Patents SmarTest™ Technology for mental health advancements.

February 20, 2024


  • Mental Health Technologies (MHT) has patented SmarTest™ technology, a cutting-edge software that automates behavioral health and substance use screening.
  • SmarTest™ uses Machine Learning and is customizable based on a patient’s demographic information and screening requirements.

The recently patented SmarTest™ technology by Mental Health Technologies (MHT) is revolutionizing the behavioral health and substance use screening process. This AI-based software not only automates the testing process but also seamlessly integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and provides instant referrals to behavioral health partners. What sets SmarTest™ apart is its customizable features, allowing providers to define screening parameters based on a patient’s individual characteristics such as gender, age, previous test scores, and appointment details.

One of the key features of SmarTest™ is its ability to automatically write test scores into any EMR and highlight abnormal results, such as suicidal tendencies indicated on the PHQ-9. Additionally, the platform offers a unique URL redirect feature, enabling providers to direct patients to relevant resources or hotlines upon completing the assessment. This technology aims to bridge the gap between primary care and behavioral health care by asking patients conditional questions based on their responses and overall test scores. For example, if a patient scores above a certain threshold, SmarTest™ can prompt them to connect with a behavioral health partner, providing instant alerts to the care coordinator.

By streamlining the screening process and identifying patients struggling with mental health issues, MHT’s SmarTest™ technology enables healthcare providers to deliver better care and improve health outcomes. The platform’s innovative approach and seamless integration with EMRs make it a valuable tool in addressing mental health disorders and substance abuse within healthcare practices. To learn more about how MHT can automate the mental health and substance abuse screening process, visit www.mhtech.com.