FC Dallas kicks off 2024 MLS season with Evolv Technology.

February 22, 2024


FC Dallas will open the 2024 MLS regular season using Evolv Technology’s AI-based screening system at Toyota Stadium to enhance fan experience and safety. The system allows for faster entrance and distinguishes between weapons and non-threatening metal objects. This partnership reflects a growing trend in MLS to prioritize fan experience and safety.

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FC Dallas will kick off the 2024 MLS regular season with a new security measure in place at Toyota Stadium. The team has partnered with Evolv Technology, a leading security technology company, to implement their AI-based screening system, Evolv Express®, at all entrances of the stadium. This change comes as FC Dallas aims to enhance the fan experience and prioritize safety for all attendees.

The decision to switch to Evolv Express® was influenced by the success of the system at other MLS facilities, where it has proven to reduce long lines and bottlenecks at entry points. By using sensor technology and artificial intelligence, the system is able to differentiate between weapons and harmless metal objects that fans may carry with them. This ensures a smoother and faster screening process for the more than 19,000 fans that Toyota Stadium can accommodate.

Nick Shafer, the vice president of stadium operations for FC Dallas and Toyota Stadium, highlighted the importance of optimizing the fan experience in today’s sports landscape. The successful implementation of Evolv Express® at events in December showcased the positive impact it can have on both safety and efficiency.

Evolv Technology, the company behind Express®, has already screened over 1 billion people since its launch in 2019. Toyota Stadium’s adoption of this technology adds them to a growing list of MLS facilities utilizing Evolv systems to enhance safety measures.

In addition to FC Dallas, other MLS teams using Evolv Technology include St. Louis CITY SC, the New England Revolution, and the Columbus Crew. The adoption of this technology by multiple Texas teams, including the Houston Astros, Houston Texans, and Houston Rockets, demonstrates the widespread recognition of its effectiveness in creating a safer environment for fans.

Overall, the partnership between FC Dallas and Evolv Technology represents a larger trend within MLS to prioritize both fan experience and safety. By investing in innovative solutions like Evolv Express®, teams are aiming to create a more welcoming and secure environment for all attendees.