Nokia and Liberty Global innovate maritime tech at Port of Antwerp.

February 22, 2024


Key Points:

  • Nokia and Liberty Global partnered to develop Network-as-a-Service technology for maritime use cases at Port of Antwerp.
  • A successful trial in Belgium demonstrated high-definition video stream delivery to remote captains.

In a recent partnership announcement, Nokia and Liberty Global collaborated to enhance operational efficiency and services at the Port of Antwerp. The trial showcased the use of Network as Code platform with developer portal to enable the creation of new network use cases for the port. By leveraging 5G standalone network capabilities with slicing, remotely-located captains were able to operate vessels more safely and efficiently, supported by real-time data and ultra-low latency network capabilities.

The trial also demonstrated the integration of edge application middleware developed by imec, a research and innovation hub, to bridge the gap between the vessel’s real-time requirements and the 5G network. This integration allowed for dynamic geofences using high-definition cameras and sensors onboard vessels, combined with AI and machine learning algorithms, to identify crucial areas requiring increased situational awareness.

Overall, the partnership represents a real-life implementation of the GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative, standardizing APIs for developers to accelerate innovation in the maritime sector. By leveraging Network-as-a-Service technology, customers can access network resources on-demand, pay for what they need, and benefit from a granular level of control and flexibility.

Shkumbin Hamiti from Nokia expressed excitement about expanding capabilities for developers at the Port of Antwerp, while Madalina Suceveanu from Liberty Global highlighted the advancements made possible through 5G networks and cloud technologies. The collaboration aims to drive improvements in customer experiences and develop additional use cases in various sectors beyond shipping.