2024’s hottest tech trends are here

February 23, 2024

Top 10 Technology Trends in 2024


  • AI will be the driving force for breakthrough innovations in 2024.
  • Key trends include smart energy grids, flying cars, brain-computer interfaces, and personal AI assistants.

In 2024, Tencent Research Institute predicts that AI will be the driving force behind breakthrough innovations. The top 10 technology trends identified include:

1. Sustainable High-Performance Computing: The convergence of cloud, quantum, and chip capabilities with greater energy efficiency will lead to faster breakthroughs in science, medicine, and finance.

2. Personal AI Assistants: Artificial general intelligence capabilities will help individuals complete mundane to complex tasks, freeing up more time for leisure activities.

3. Intelligent, Agile Robots: Robots are becoming more dexterous, allowing them to perform a wider range of tasks in various settings, from home to care facilities.

4. AI Meets Gene Editing: Carefully regulated gene editing can improve crop yield and nutritional benefits while making them more resilient to drought and disease, aiding in feeding the growing population.

5. Game Engine Tech: Immersive game technology will find real-world applications in education, offering interactive, life-like scenarios for learning.

6. Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI): BCI technology will allow individuals to perform daily tasks such as shopping or banking through signals sent directly from the brain.

7. Multimedia Tech: State-of-the-art communications software will make virtual meetings feel like in-person interactions through AR, VR, MR, and 3D innovation.

8. Affordable Satellite Phones: Powerful satellite communication networks will keep individuals connected in remote areas or during outdoor adventures.

9. Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicles (eVTOL): Flying cars will transform commuting and travel by taking off and landing vertically without the need for runways.

10. Smart Energy Grids: Households will generate and store energy, with smart grids regulating power consumption and enabling sustainable energy use across society.