Get involved in tech to stop impaired driving now.

February 24, 2024


  • Mother’s Against Drunk Driving urges those affected by impaired driving to share their stories for input on new technology.
  • The HALT Act requires anti-drunk driving systems in all new cars by 2027 to prevent impaired driving crashes.

In a recent article, Kimberly Kuizon highlights the efforts of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving to gather public input on new technology aimed at preventing impaired driving crashes. The HALT Act, signed into law in 2021, mandates the installation of anti-drunk driving systems in all new cars by 2027. This technology, which includes features like automatic braking and lane change detection, aims to save lives and prevent accidents caused by impaired drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking public input on this initiative, asking individuals to share their personal stories and experiences related to impaired driving. By collecting these stories, organizations like MADD hope to develop a final standard for all new vehicles that will enhance safety on the roads.

Individuals who have been impacted by impaired driving, such as Tena McCallister who lost her son to a drunk driver, emphasize the importance of implementing this technology to prevent future tragedies. Through sharing their stories, these individuals hope to create awareness and support for the adoption of anti-drunk driving systems in all new cars.

By submitting comments and sharing personal experiences, the public has the opportunity to contribute to the development of safer driving practices and potentially save lives on the road. The deadline for submitting comments is March 5 at 11:59 p.m.