Apple investigates technology for possible smart glasses launch.

February 26, 2024


  • Apple is exploring the development of smart glasses that could be more affordable and user-friendly than the Vision Pro.
  • The smart glasses are in the early stages of development in Apple’s hardware engineering division, along with other wearable projects.

Apple is reportedly conducting a “technology investigation” in preparation for a potential smart glasses launch. The company is exploring the possibility of creating a more affordable and user-friendly alternative to the Vision Pro. The smart glasses are currently in the exploratory phase of development, along with other wearable projects including AirPods equipped with cameras. The glasses could offer audio capabilities, AI features, and cameras to identify things in the surrounding world. While the concept of true augmented reality spectacles is still several years away, the smart glasses could serve as a stepping stone towards this long-term goal. Although the launch of the smart glasses is not guaranteed, it is clear that Apple is looking to expand its wearable product portfolio in the future.