Introducing VES-Artex’s latest innovation: the Intelligent Soaker 2.0

March 14, 2024

Article Summary


  • VES-Artex has unveiled a new cow cooling technology called Intelligent Soaker 2.0
  • The system reduces water usage by 50%-70% compared to traditional soaking systems

While the weather has been mild this winter, summer temperatures are on the rise, increasing the risk of heat stress for dairy cattle. In response, VES-Artex has introduced the Intelligent Soaker 2.0, a soaking system that sprays water when a cow is present based on temperature setpoints. The system features intelligent sensor technology, easy installation, and durable stainless steel nozzles.

This new technology can help reduce water waste and increase sustainability on dairy farms. The system behaves similarly to a traditional soaker, soaking for 45 seconds when a cow is sensed and entering a dwell mode for 5 minutes. Dr. Mario Mondaca, a Senior Technical Applications and Research Engineer at VES-Artex, highlights the system’s ability to address both animal welfare and sustainability challenges by providing targeted cooling for cows.

The Intelligent Soaker 2.0 optimizes water usage by delivering cooling precisely when and where it’s needed, resulting in significant water conservation. With water conservation becoming a key focus for dairy producers, this high-tech soaking system could be a compelling solution to conserve water, increase sustainability, and maximize cow cooling efficiency.