Viomi Technology Co., Ltd unveils new products at Shanghai Expo.

March 15, 2024


Viomi Technology Co., Ltd recently launched a series of new products at the China Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) in Shanghai. The new products include the Kunlun AI mineral water purifier, Alpha X cardiorespiratory detection radar, Super 3 all-space AI air-conditioner 2.0, and the multimillion-dollar Space series. Viomi aims to provide innovative solutions for health-conscious individuals and families through their AI Water and AIoT@Home segments.

Full Article:

Viomi Technology Co., Ltd, a leading IoT@Home technology company in China, unveiled a series of new products at the China Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) in Shanghai. The new products showcased include:

  • Kunlun AI Mineral Water Purifier: This new water purifier carefully selects high-quality mineral sources and utilizes advanced techniques for intelligent system adjustments, ensuring a steady release of beneficial minerals like strontium and metasilicic acid.
  • Alpha X Cardiorespiratory Detection Radar: Equipped with millimeter-wave radar technology, this product focuses on monitoring and safeguarding family health by detecting heart/thorax micro-movement frequency in real-time and recognizing anomalies.
  • Super 3 All-space AI Air-conditioner 2.0: This intelligent air-conditioner adjusts the ambient temperature according to different sleep stages, enhancing comfort and improving users’ sleep quality.
  • Space Series: Viomi upgraded their one-stop IoT@Home solution with the launch of the Space series, offering consumers a stylish, customized, and more intelligent product experience.

Mr. Xiaoping Chen, the Founder and CEO of Viomi, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive residential water solutions and innovative AIoT@Home products. The new products received widespread praise at the AWE fair, with audiences impressed by the taste and quality of the purified mineral water, real-time water quality feedback, and the application of AI technology in home environments.

Viomi’s mission is to redefine the future home through IoT @ Home, offering an ecosystem of innovative IoT-enabled smart home products, consumable products, and value-added businesses. The company aims to provide consumers with convenient, efficient, and enjoyable daily life experiences while growing its household user base and capturing scenario-driven consumption events in the home environment.

With a focus on the AI Water and AIoT@Home segments, Viomi continues to advocate a healthy and ‘AI: Helpful’ life philosophy, providing users with healthy water solutions and intelligent AIoT@Home solutions.