Can new tech halt clever, organized shoplifters in their tracks?

January 24, 2024

Theft from retail stores due to shoplifting is a serious problem that costs retailers billions of dollars each year. On the Solutionaries podcast, experts discussed potential solutions to combat organized and sophisticated shoplifters. One solution being tested is the implementation of new technology in stores that would hinder shoplifters from easily taking items. This includes using facial recognition technology before an item can be retrieved from the shelf or requiring customers to enter their phone number or scan a QR code to open a case with the desired item. While these solutions may be innovative, they also raise concerns about privacy and data security. Some argue that these measures are just temporary fixes to a more significant issue and question why people choose a life of shoplifting over legitimate careers. It remains to be seen whether these high-tech solutions will effectively reduce shoplifting or if they will simply inconvenience customers while failing to address the root causes of the problem.