Starling Bank: UK’s Fintech Challenger Unveils Brand Platform for Growth.

January 24, 2024

Starling Bank, a UK-based fintech challenger, has launched a new brand platform as part of its growth strategy. The platform, called “The Bank Built for You,” aims to celebrate the role of people in banking and highlight Starling’s creative money-management tools. The campaign includes three TV ad spots that tell relatable human stories featuring Starling Bank’s features. The campaign will also include ads on various platforms such as YouTube, BVOD, radio, social media, and digital. In addition, Starling Bank is launching an out-of-home campaign across various locations in the UK. This new brand platform and marketing strategy are part of the bank’s ambitions for growth in 2024, which include increasing account volumes, customer deposits, and expanding its global software business. The campaign will run for three months initially.