2023-2024: Faculty Innovators Grabbing Grants

January 29, 2024

Ten faculty members at Seton Hall University have been awarded the Faculty Innovation Grant for the 2023-2024 academic year. The grant aims to support faculty in integrating technology into their courses and promoting innovative teaching and learning methods. The recipients were chosen based on criteria such as innovation, scalability, pedagogical focus, budget, assessment of learning outcomes, and sustainability. The projects cover a range of disciplines, from chemistry to art and design.

One of the grant recipients, Wyatt Murphy, plans to implement generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the general chemistry laboratory. This technology, known as ChatGPT, will be used to enhance students’ academic pursuits by providing valuable resources and support. Another recipient, Jacquelyn Deppe, will explore the use of emerging technologies, such as 3D software and printing, to understand and study history. The project will involve modeling movable type and using it in a modern press to create printed materials.

There is also a project by Brianna Shuttleworth and Janine Toro that focuses on game development. The project aims to introduce students to game development through the hosting of a Global Game Jam event at Seton Hall University. This event will provide students with hands-on experience and expose them to the best practices of user experience design and human-centered technology.

The Faculty Innovation Grant is part of the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity in teaching and learning. The selected projects will not only benefit students in their courses but also have the potential for broader impact and scalability. The grant winners will implement their projects in future semesters and showcase their achievements in Faculty Innovation Grant showcases hosted by the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.

Seton Hall University is dedicated to providing faculty with the resources and support they need to incorporate innovative teaching methods and technology into their courses. The Faculty Innovation Grant is just one of the ways the university is fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in education.