LawNext: Embracing AI, with CEO Bridget McCormack and CIO Diana Didia

January 29, 2024

The American Arbitration Association (AAA) has embraced generative AI as part of its innovation efforts to expand access to justice. Bridget Mary McCormack, the CEO of the AAA, has been a strong advocate for improving the justice system and has “supercharged” the innovation efforts of the AAA since taking over as CEO. Diana Didia, the CIO of the AAA, has played a critical role in driving innovation and integrating AI into the organization’s work. The AAA recently launched the AAAi Lab, a website supporting users with policy guidance, educational webinars, and tools for embracing generative AI. They also launched ClauseBuilder, a generative AI tool for writing clear and effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clauses. McCormack and Didia presented on the AAA’s innovation efforts and adoption of AI at Legalweek in New York.