Google’s free AI models empower outside developers to innovate freely.

February 21, 2024

Google Launches Free AI Models for Outside Developers


  • Google is offering free AI models called Gemma to outside developers
  • Developers can use Gemma to innovate, collaborate, and work responsibly

Google announced the release of its Gemma artificial intelligence models for outside developers. These models are accessible to businesses and individuals for free. In addition to providing the Gemma models, Google is also offering a set of tools that will allow developers to work with the models in a responsible manner. The Gemma models are based on the technology and research behind Google’s larger AI model, Gemini, and are designed to be easier to use. While smaller than Gemini, Gemma is capable of performing reasoning tasks similar to larger AI programs such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The models use smaller sets of data known as model weights to recognize patterns and generate responses, with the company stating that Gemma’s model weights utilize two billion to seven billion parameters. This release comes amidst a push from the Biden administration for public input on the widespread availability of AI, addressing both the benefits and security risks associated with the technology.