Revolutionizing sprayer efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

February 21, 2024


Key Points:

  • New technology in sprayers is increasing efficiency for farmers
  • Products like John Deere’s See and Spray and Greeneye Technologies’ precision spray boom systems are changing the game

Article Summary:

In the recent Kansas Ag Research and Technology KAT-CON Event, farmers learned about new technologies that are revolutionizing weed control in sprayers. John Deere’s See and Spray system uses cameras, processors, and artificial intelligence to identify and target weeds in real-time, providing targeted in-season weed control. With three system options available, the technology offers significant advantages in terms of weed identification and application speed. Greeneye Technologies also offers a similar precision spray boom system that can be retrofitted to several self-propelled sprayers, providing users with up to 90% herbicide savings. Additionally, Rantizo, a drone sprayer firm, is introducing drone sprayers that can cover between 12 and 60 acres per hour, offering a complementary solution to traditional ground rigs and air tractors. These new technologies are revolutionizing the way farmers approach weed control and are increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in agricultural operations.