5G tech bridges the rural-urban digital gap.

February 21, 2024


  • 5G technology is vital for bridging the digital divide in rural areas.
  • High 5G penetration in the countryside is essential for driving innovation in the agrotech sector.

In the article “5G technology and its role in bridging the digital divide in the countryside,” author Felix Hernandez Rojas discusses the importance of 5G technology in rural areas. He emphasizes the disparity between urban and rural communities, pointing out that poverty is often concentrated in smaller municipalities with high agricultural activity and unemployment rates.

Rojas highlights the European Commission’s efforts to improve 5G access in rural areas, with a projected coverage of 89.5% by 2025. However, he argues that achieving high penetration figures in terms of territory is crucial for unlocking opportunities in the countryside.

One key aspect of 5G technology in rural areas is its role in driving innovation in the agrotech sector. With advanced technologies like precision viticulture, drones, and AI, agriculture is poised to undergo a digital transformation. Spain already leads in agrotech, with a thriving ecosystem of over 200 companies.

Rojas concludes by underlining the importance of high 5G penetration in rural areas for fostering economic growth and sustainability. He envisions a future where villages flourish next to the new potential of 5G technology, enabling a more connected and prosperous countryside.