AI disrupts fashion, causing industry outrage.

February 23, 2024


  • Fashion models are concerned about the use of AI to create digital replicas without consent.
  • The Fashion Workers Act in New York State aims to protect models from exploitation.

Last week, during New York Fashion Week, concerns were raised about the use of AI in creating digital replicas of models without their permission. Models worry that this could undermine their work opportunities in the future. The Model Alliance is pushing for the Fashion Workers Act in New York State, which would provide new safeguards for models and require clear written consent for any digital replica of their likeness. The bill, if passed, could set a global precedent for protecting models from exploitation in the fashion industry.

As the use of AI continues to spread across industries, including fashion, there are concerns about its impact on job opportunities. Models fear that AI could be used to create diverse identities without having to pay real human models. Companies like Levi Strauss and Vogue have already started using AI-generated models, sparking criticism and concerns about ethics and exploitation. The push for regulation and protection for models in the fashion industry continues to grow.