Modern metal fab shops need a technology plan in place.

February 23, 2024


  • Metal fab shops need a technology plan to stay competitive
  • Invest in and manage emerging technology for success

Modern metal fab shops are urged to have a technology plan by FMA President/CEO Ed Youdell. The key elements discussed in the article include the need for metal fabricators to invest in and manage emerging technology efficiently. Youdell emphasizes the importance of machine technology, raw material movement, and managing skilled labor in the wake of increasing automation and robotics in the industry.

One crucial aspect is the movement of raw materials and finished parts, with the automation of tower material storage systems and software to streamline operations. Additionally, the article highlights the role of applications engineers in managing technology and driving efficiency in metal fabrication shops. Developing a retention strategy for skilled workers, fostering relationships with technology partners, and financial planning are also emphasized for sustained success.

Youdell stresses the importance of having a technology plan to stay competitive in the global market and position metal fabricators at the forefront of manufacturing excellence. By staying updated on technology trends, fostering partnerships, and investing in skilled labor, modern metal fab shops can navigate the evolving landscape of technology-driven manufacturing successfully.