Silex Technology unveils high-performance Wi-Fi HaLow module by Morse Micro

February 27, 2024


  • Silex Technology and Morse Micro have collaborated to launch a high-performance, industrial-grade Wi-Fi HaLow module for IoT applications.
  • The new SX-SDMAH module offers extended long-range connectivity, ultra-low power consumption, and compatibility with various IoT devices.

Silex Technology, in partnership with Morse Micro, has introduced a new industrial-grade Wi-Fi HaLow module designed for IoT applications. The SX-SDMAH module combines Silex’s wireless module features with Morse Micro’s MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC to enhance connectivity performance, range, coverage area, and power efficiency for IoT devices. This collaboration aims to accelerate the development process and enable the integration of Wi-Fi HaLow technology in a wide range of IoT products.

The SX-SDMAH module offers long-distance wireless connectivity with a range of over 3 kilometers, making it ideal for applications such as access points, gateways, IP cameras, and more. With advanced security features, a small form factor, and industrial temperature range, the module provides unparalleled performance for various IoT use cases.

Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow SoCs, including the MM6108 SoC in the SX-SDMAH module, provide industry-leading features such as support for multiple bandwidths, high throughput, extended range, and low power consumption. This makes Wi-Fi HaLow an ideal protocol for IoT connectivity, offering superior performance and reliability for wireless devices.

The SX-SDMAH module and evaluation kit are currently available in the United States and Canada, providing IoT developers with access to cutting-edge Wi-Fi HaLow technology for their projects.