Sheriff: Tech catches burglars in the act, keeping communities safe.

February 28, 2024


  • New technology called Prepared Live helped Flagler County Sheriff’s Office catch a would-be car burglar over the weekend
  • Sheriff Rick Staly says the use of Prepared Live enhances safety for law enforcement officers and expedites investigations

Technology played a crucial role in nabbing a would-be burglar in Flagler County, as the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office utilized a tool called Prepared Live to catch the suspect in the act. This new technology, which was implemented a year ago, allows dispatchers and deputies to visually see the crime in progress when a 911 call is made. By providing real-time information, Prepared Live helps law enforcement respond more efficiently and safely to unfolding situations.

The creators of Prepared Live emphasize the versatility of the platform, with features like language translation, live transcription, and AI insights to aid in investigations. In the recent case, a 12-year-old suspect was apprehended with the help of this technology, showcasing the success of what Sheriff Rick Staly calls “Guardian policing” – a collaborative effort between the community and law enforcement.

While Prepared Live was instrumental in this particular case, the Sheriff’s Office has also invested in other tech tools like Rapid SOS, which aids dispatchers in locating callers even during connectivity issues. Additionally, the office is exploring new technologies to combat hate crimes and enhance homeland security efforts in the county.

Sheriff Staly is vocal about the importance of continued funding for deputies in schools for the safety of children in the community. As technology continues to evolve and play a significant role in law enforcement, the integration of innovative tools like Prepared Live and Rapid SOS demonstrates how advancements can positively impact crime prevention and response strategies.