Innovative partnership and tech boost AdventHealth’s supply strategy and resiliency.

February 29, 2024


– AdventHealth’s new Consolidated Service Center (CSC) is a 375,000-square-foot distribution center co-developed by AdventHealth and Medline.
– The CSC leverages a unique partnership and technology to enhance AdventHealth’s supply and resiliency strategy.

Article Summary:

AdventHealth’s new Consolidated Service Center (CSC) is a collaboration between AdventHealth and Medline, aimed at improving supply chain and resiliency strategies. The 375,000-square-foot facility, completed in just one year, is dedicated to ensuring that caregivers have the supplies they need for patient care. The CSC is part of a strategic partnership between AdventHealth and Medline, combining both organizations’ strengths in healthcare supply chain management. The facility was showcased at a recent ribbon-cutting and building blessing event, highlighting the importance of a healthy supply chain in healthcare. This collaboration showcases the importance of agility and scale in healthcare supply chain management, and sets a new standard for industry partnerships.