Brunswick County Schools gears up for security upgrades.

March 2, 2024


  • Brunswick County Schools is looking to upgrade its security camera system for student safety.
  • The Board of Education wants to spend $763,505.26 on new CCTV cameras with improved technology.

Brunswick County Schools is aiming to enhance security measures by investing in new technology for their closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The Board of Education is proposing to spend over $760,000 on system upgrades to ensure student safety with high-quality surveillance footage. The Center of Applied Sciences and Technology (COAST) school has already implemented the upgraded technology as part of a pilot program, and now the school district seeks to expand this initiative to other schools.

Steven Barger, a member of the Board of Education, emphasizes the importance of clear picture quality for monitoring any incidents within the school buildings. The new system will enable efficient storage and quick retrieval of video footage, along with improved zoom capabilities and alerts to school resource officers and administrators. While facial recognition software could potentially be integrated in the future, the current focus is on enhancing video quality without utilizing such technology.

The planned upgrades involve transitioning the existing CCTV system to the Milestone program through a two-phase project. The selected vendors, A3 Communications and Cambridge Computer Services, Inc., will handle the installations. Debra Bair, the director of technology, acknowledges the significant cost of the upgrades but underscores the importance of prioritizing student safety in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

By streamlining information retrieval and enhancing surveillance capabilities, the new security enhancements aim to not only improve safety protocols but also potentially reduce the need for additional personnel. The district’s partnership with law enforcement and the integration of technology reflect a comprehensive approach to campus security. Ultimately, the primary focus remains on ensuring a safe environment for all students and visitors.